Hello and welcome. This is Nolan Formalarie with Discover NC Homes and I am here at beautiful 2817 Inverness Court here in St. James Plantation, a gorgeous custom built home, and actually the owner is the builder.

As we enter here, I wanted to point out just a few really nice features.

So all brick the entire way around. This is a deep vein mortar and if you look at it, the brick is more pronounced so it really pops the brick out, which is beautiful. Almost every angle of this house has some gorgeous masonry work. Up here there’s a nice herring bone design framed out. Numerous keystones throughout the house. And, I mean, stuff like this, the terms that they’ve done in the brick and is absolutely breathtaking. You really do not see masonry work like this in a home anymore.

Okay, we’re in the game room right here, which is also open to the great room. We have this really awesome double-sided fireplace. It’s enclosed in a case with stone that reach 18 feet up to a just breathtaking coffered ceiling. There’s two and three-piece molding work in that coffered ceiling. The coffered ceiling extends from the game room into the great room, and the entire bottom floor here throughout the main living area. this is all travertine tile, which is a real stone. It’s much more durable than a ceramic tile. And again, it is throughout the entire downstairs living area.

All right here we are in the master bathroom, gorgeous double vanity. We have floor to ceiling tile, absolutely beautiful. This really nice attractive clawfoot tub is sitting on a nice thick slab of granite. In here again, it’s dressed floor to ceiling in tile. Probably one of the neatest features the shower over here: it’s got a nice pebble floor – again floor to ceiling tile, so it’s completely enclosed in a zero entry, which is very nice. So you can get in without any issues at all.

Okay. We are in now in the three season room, a really nice large room. We have a beautiful outdoor kitchen over here. It’s got a six-burner gas cooktop, a fridge, obviously a faucet and sink. A nice little dining area here. And then you reach out over this way – there’s a propane gas fireplace which is nice. You have a seating area there with the television, so you can take the game in while you’re watching the golf course. A really nice room. And I’m sure these owners spend a lot of time out in this room.

Here we are in the great room and this is one of my favorite rooms. It has this beautiful staircase to the home. You take the first flight up and then it splits up, up top there. But it really is a showpiece, you have absolutely just stunning millwork, trim work within the staircase. You have these custom hand rails, rod iron hand rails, and the risers as well as the treads are all woods.So, it’s just one of the show pieces of the house.

All right, here we’re going down the hallway, into the guest bedroom, which is inside the turret. Very neat architecture and design. You have these beautiful half-moon transoms here. And as you work your way up, you’ve got three circular windows. Very high ceilings in this room. It’s an en-suite design with a bathroom right through that door, but not a bad place at all to stay if you’re a guest or family.

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