Hello and welcome, this is Nolan with Discover NC Homes and Nolan’s News and as always, thank you for having us. We’re sitting here today in this beautiful home behind me, 312 W. Moore Street, located in the heart of downtown Southport. We’re going to actually be doing a walkthrough in another video. But, absolutely gorgeous, centrally located to everything. You have beautiful river views across the street. So, if you have any questions, please check us out.

But today I want to talk about something that everybody knows: Brunswick County is one of the fastest growing counties, actually in the country and by far in the state of North Carolina. So we actually came across this really neat link, provided by the County, that shows all the proposed and approved subdivisions throughout the county. And I was absolutely amazed to see what the results are!

So just on the 211 corridor spanning from Route 17 where 211 meets Hwy 17 to downtown Southport, there are 19 approved new subdivisions. And this is 211 and some of the branch roads. 19 approved new subdivisions with three pendings. The numbers I didn’t quite dig into them, but it looks like at least a few thousand single family, multi family units with some commercial coming in. And that’s just one area of Brunswick County. If you go down and look at Calabash, it’s crazy, I mean just so many new developments coming into the county.

So the link is going to be in the newsletter, really interactive and neat. If you just need to scroll over, there’s these green and red buttons and they’ll tell you the name of the subdivision as well as how many units are coming in.

So please check it out, again, amazing! We are continuing to grow by leaps and bounds so it’s one of the best areas in the country to move to and still the most affordable. If you have any questions, please let us know. We’ll talk to you soon.

Link to Brunswick County’s online platform:

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