In this episode of Nolan’s News, Nolan from DiscoverNCHomes delves into the anticipated changes in real estate amidst ongoing legal proceedings.

While specifics remain uncertain, two significant alterations are on the horizon for North Carolina.

Firstly, starting in mid-July, the buyer agency commission, a staple in multiple listing services, will no longer be disclosed. This adjustment promises to introduce new dynamics into the real estate landscape, potentially reshaping how transactions unfold.

Secondly, there’s a shift in the timing of the buyer agency agreement. Previously, it was common practice to finalize this agreement at various points during the transaction. However, the new directive mandates its completion before buyers even step into a realtor’s car. This change aims to streamline processes and ensure clarity from the outset.

While the full ramifications of these alterations are yet to unfold, Nolan assures viewers that they’re closely monitoring developments. Through ongoing discussions with local and state-level stakeholders, they’re prepared to adapt to whatever changes come their way.

Stay tuned to DiscoverNCHomes for further updates on the evolving real estate landscape. And as always, thank you for your continued support and viewership!

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