In today’s blog post, we’re excited to feature Ellen deGroof, a key member of the St. James NEST organization and its Membership Chairperson.

Ellen, who moved to St. James 12 years ago, found a renewed sense of purpose during the pandemic. She transitioned from enjoying retirement activities to taking on a more meaningful role within NEST. As the Membership Chairperson, Ellen is at the forefront of welcoming new members, educating them on service requests, and maintaining ongoing relationships.

Her role is vital in ensuring that members, especially the elderly, can live independently and safely in their homes. Ellen’s dedication to this mission is evident in her hands-on approach to managing the membership team and liaising between members and the organization.

Ellen’s involvement with NEST is more than just a volunteer role; it’s a personal journey of giving back and preparing for the future. She finds immense satisfaction in contributing to the community and forming lasting friendships with fellow volunteers.

Her story is a beautiful illustration of how volunteering can enrich one’s life, providing not just a sense of purpose but also a deep connection with the community.

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