So, you got a chance to tour what you believed to be the perfect home! And maybe it’s no so perfect after all. Maybe you don’t like that shade of blue. The coil-burner stove is looking a bit old and outdated. Even though the home was marketed with a new HVAC system, that hot water heater looks like its glory days are over. Otherwise, you couldn’t ask for a better location and the square footage is just right.

Now is when you sit down with your Broker and discuss an offer. An offer to purchase is not limited to just the asking price. There are other factors that may influence your offer: condition of the home, any obvious repairs that may be needed before you move in, furnishings that you may want to stay with the house, closing costs and other fees. Taking all of these items in consideration, your Broker will be able to help you calculate an offer amount that will get you a good price, without offending the seller, so that you can move on to the “Under Contract” phase!

To Discover more, watch our video “Home Buying Made Easy!”

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Nolan Formalarie has been in the North Carolina Real Estate Industry for over 8 years and enjoys every minute of it. He is involved in every aspect of the industry including selling and purchasing residential property, home watch services, property management, association management and construction.