Phew! So much has happened in the last 4 to 6 weeks. You found a home, you went under contract, you secured your financing, negotiated items that were discovered in the home inspection, and hired a closing attorney. Wow, that’s a lot. Now, all that’s left to do is get ready for closing. Oh, and pack.

Prior to closing, your Broker and your Mortgage Lender will receive a copy of the Settlement Statement also known as the Closing Disclosure. This statement, that is filled with lots and lots of numbers, breaks down all the expenses associated with your home purchase: purchase price, loan amount, loan fees, taxes, insurance……where does it end? It ends right at the line that reads “Cash from Buyer” or “Cash to Close.” Don’t Panic! No Attorney wants you to bring Cash. They usually prefer a Cashier’s Check or Wire. Despite all the random numerals swarming through your head, this really is the exciting part!! Warm up your John Hancock, stop by your bank, and prepare yourself for home ownership!!

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About Nolan Formalarie

Nolan Formalarie has been in the North Carolina Real Estate Industry for over 8 years and enjoys every minute of it. He is involved in every aspect of the industry including selling and purchasing residential property, home watch services, property management, association management and construction.