Hello, and welcome to Discover NC Homes and Nolan’s news. And as always, thank you for having us. Today I wanted to talk about home warranty and when to purchase one and when not to, as a seller.

So first, what is a home warranty? A home warranty is through a third party company. They usually range in between $500 to maybe $700 and it protects various things in the home for one year.

It’ll protect your heating and air system, appliances – so just things in your home, again, through a third party company. Some listing brokers upfront put a home warranty on a home. It’s a service they offer or they, as a broker, recommend that you get a home warranty.

I don’t personally believe them. I don’t think that they’re a huge selling feature. Some people want home warranty, some people don’t, but it’s not something that I, as a selling broker typically do. But, if a buyer asks for a home warranty throughout the transaction, if they want to negotiate one in, it’s an easy give so to speak. So definitely give it. Again, it’s a $500- $600 value. And I think it does give the buyer confidence that things are covered for a year.

So just to sum up, I don’t purchase home warranties or recommend on the listings that I have, but if a buyer’s asking for one during the transaction or the negotiation, it’s a really easy give, so why not to do it?

Thank you guys as always for having us. If you have any questions, just let us know.

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