Hello and welcome. This is Nolan Formalarie. I have a very special guest with me today: Eddie Addison! Eddie, thank you for joining us, I appreciate it. DiscoverNChomes – and we’re just super excited to have Eddie here.

Eddie has been with St. James Plantation for over 22 years, which is amazing! He’s done over 800 transactions in St. James.

So Eddie, just tell us a little bit about how and why you’re here with us today.

Well, I love St. James. I’ve got a lot of friends, family, customers been here a long time, helped a lot of people. I’ve become my own customer. I need a little more time for myself, just like other people do. So I went to Nolan and just asked: :Hey man, I need to work my own hours, I need more flexibility. I want to be able to help my people in many facets, not just St James, but outside of St. James and I really wanted a few other builders that I could also bring into the fold to mix things up. And I needed the freedom and flexibility that Nolan’s office offered. And that way I can better serve all my past clients, all my past customers. There’s a lot of y’all out there!

I just want you to know I’m still here and I’m still in Southport, but my license hangs with Nolan.

Well, we appreciate it! And one of the reasons why we’ve teamed up together as I’ve worked with Eddie for years on the other side of transactions: he’s ethical, he is professional. So I’m super excited to have that type of person here at the firm.

So again, if you guys need anything, we’re here, both for you. Eddie’s got his customers, so like Eddie said, my boots are on the ground here so we can get to you in a timely manner. And again, Eddie, this is with buyers, listings…

Buyers, listings, new construction. Basically I have partnered up with Nolan. He’s my teammate, we’re teammates! There may be times – I was in Spain for two weeks, Nolan helped me quite a bit. So I need that boots on the ground because I’m going to enjoy the moment as you guys should be enjoying the moment.

All right, we appreciate it. Thank you guys and have a wonderful day and if you need to reach out, let us know.

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