Hello and welcome. This is Nolan Formalarie with Discover NC Homes and Nolan’s News. And I have Victor Ragland here with me from Ragland Media. Victor is my exclusive aerial photographer, videographer, and also does a wonderful job filming inside of homes.


We’re here actually today at 4463 Wild Rye and here’s a pretty neat story: some good friends of mine bought this home site three-four years ago. And they actually purchased it based on the work that Victor did for us and being able to capture the view here. It’s a great story to tell, but it also shows the importance of what Victor does for us. Again, these people built a home based on the vantage point that he was able to catch.

So, Victor, again, thank you and please tell us what you do, what you’re looking for while you’re out there. What’s your process?

Okay. So, whenever I first walk into a home, I look at the layout of the home and I study the home. I study the angles of the house and I’m just basically looking for the most interesting parts of a home. I always find out there are certain parts of the home that are most interesting, like the common areas where everybody gathers. So I try to focus on those areas because that’s where people are going to entertain.

I look in bedrooms because that’s what most of the people are going to spend most of their time. So those are some of the things that I try to focus on whenever I’m shooting the home, because if I’m looking for a house, these are some of the things that I’m going to think about. So, those are some of the first things that I always think about.

As I approach with a drone footage, I think about presentation. When you see a house, presentation is everything. You want to walk up to a home that you’re proud of.

So that’s what I think about as I am shooting a drone footage, I’m looking at the back of the home, I’m looking at the front of the home, I’m looking at the best presentation for any person whenever they walk up to their home.

If you have a golf course in the back, of course you want to shoot that. So those are certain things that I look for whenever I am approaching the home and I want to shoot the home. I want to look for the best presentation for anybody. And then I go in and I look for it, for the most interesting common areas.

Okay, that makes sense. So many things these days are being done over the internet, including purchasing a home or purchasing a home site. And I think that perspective that you give is phenomenal and it really does get, in this case, your aerial perspective.

Talk to talk to me on that a little bit, because again, you’re giving a different perspective that might not be here yet if it’s a piece of vacant land, or that might not be able to be captured on just still photography in a home. So are you doing anything special while you’re up in the air there with your drone?

So, in the air, if you shoot on a piece of property, whenever I’m, looking at the ground, first I want to see how big the property is. I’m going to see how much acre that you’ll be getting. Then, I do what’s called “the tilt down” when you’re looking straight down on top of the property so you can get a good outline of the property. Then I’ll pull back and I’ll get a nice area wide view so you can see what’s behind a property, what kind of buildings are behind a property, are you close to water, are you close to any restaurants? Depending on the person, like me, I would look for if I was close to a restaurant or something like that.

Then I try to make sure I show the neighborhood so that way people can get a good view of your neighborhood, if you’re going to have neighbors – how close they’re going to be, if you see a neighborhood and you’re like: “man, I really like that neigborhood!”

Funny story happened to me yesterday: me and my girlfriend were driving down the street yesterday and we were in New Bern and she said: “oh, this is a cute street. I would love to live on this street!” So, you know, I think about things like that. Women see certain things and it’s just that those are selling points for people.

So I’ll look for the strongest selling points, like what I would think that I would love to see or how I would love for my neighborhood to feel. And I kept it from that perspective and I just try to think very broadly for anybody who was coming into that neighborhood. So this is my my process.

Yes, it makes sense and it shows. On any listing I have, especially higher-end, Victor’s done a video and I think you do a great job with the music behind it, capturing emotion. A lot of our sellers want to keep these videos after their home is sold to kind of a keepsake of their home.

Well thank you for sharing that, I do appreciate you. Thank you for coming and we’ll see you at our next listing. If you have any questions, just please reach out to us and let us know. Thank you so much.

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