Hello and welcome! This is Nolan Formalarie with DiscoverNChomes and “Nolan’s News.” It is that time of year again! I want to talk about numbers. We’re going to look today at Brunswick County, Oak island and St. James. But please, if you want other numbers, I have Winding River, Palmetto Creek, anything in the county, River Sea, etc. So just let us know when we’ll definitely get those to you. And also, I’m talking about just home and condo sales today. But we also have land numbers. So if you want land, please reach out to me and we’ll get you those numbers as well.
So we’re going to take a look over the last three years, 2019, 2020, and year-to-date here, 2021.

Brunswick County
As a whole in Brunswick County in 2019, there were 4,911 recorded home, condo and townhome sales. In 2020 that number jumped to 6,335. And this year-to-date we have 6,541. So I thought that was very interesting, but mostly this is a very interesting fact: since 2016 our sales prices almost doubled from $290,000 until this year at $399,000.

St. James Plantation
So in St. James numbers in 2019 there was a total of 218 condo, home and townhome sales and in 2020 that number reached 328 sales.
Year-to-date 2021, the average sale price reached 359,000 in St. James. A little interesting fact here: our sales price doubled! In 2017 it was at $182,000 and by 2019, we were up to $397,000. This year, we are at 526,000 as our average sales price in the community.

Oak Island
And lastly guys, Oak island – astounding numbers! In 2000 in Oak Island, there was a total of 618 sales. In 2020 that went up to 836 sales. In 2021 year-to-date we have 825 sales. An interesting fact here: in 2019, the average price point was $338,000 and we jumped to $525,000 in the year 2021. So again, almost a doubling, in sales price and from 2016 to present we did double on Oak island.

Please, if you want your market, I would love to share with you. What we’re most likely to see is as increase in number of sales and sales price. It’s a great thing for the county. Let us know. Thank you.

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