Today, we’re thrilled to spotlight Meg Myer, the Marketing Chair for the St. James NEST organization, on our Discover NC Homes blog.

Meg’s journey to St. James and NEST is unique. Her background in marketing, particularly with the National Association of Home Builders, made her a perfect fit for NEST. She was quickly recruited to help with marketing efforts after expressing interest through a survey.

As the Marketing Chair, Meg’s role is pivotal in promoting NEST’s events and initiatives. She is responsible for the newsletter, speaker series, and other marketing materials, all aimed at increasing awareness and participation in NEST’s activities.

Meg’s passion for marketing is matched by her commitment to volunteering. She occasionally fulfills service requests, finding immense satisfaction in directly assisting members. Her interactions with members, like helping a widow who expressed her reliance on NEST, highlight the organization’s crucial impact.

Meg’s story is an inspiring example of how professional skills can be harnessed for community service, showcasing the power of marketing in driving forward a noble cause.

About Nolan Formalarie

Nolan Formalarie has been in the North Carolina Real Estate Industry for over 8 years and enjoys every minute of it. He is involved in every aspect of the industry including selling and purchasing residential property, home watch services, property management, association management and construction.