Hello and welcome. This is Nolan with Nolan’s News and DiscoverNCHomes and as always, thank you for having us. I wanted to talk about something that comes up on home inspections quite a bit, that I’ve seen all over our area. And it’s especially with a black colored shingle or a charcoal or weather wood, which is kind of a mix of browns.

Over time we get these what I’m just gonna call is a roof stain, which after talking to a few pressure washers, it’s nothing more than an algae that discolors your roof, but it really is unsightly. And a lot of times in a home inspection, this will be written up and a buyer will look at this and sometimes take it that the roof is older than it really is, that there’s an issue when there’s really not.

So something, again, this is good for maybe sellers to do ahead of time and for buyers to know that this is a very easy issue to overcome. A pressure washer who knows what they’re doing – very low pressure wash. There’s some sort, I don’t know what the name of the chemical is, but it actually eats away and clears this algae.

If you’re a seller, it might be great to do it before your home actually goes on the market, especially in our day, were almost, at least every listing I do, we get aerial photos done to show different perspectives. So you don’t really think about your roof being a show piece, but in that case, with aerial video, and photographs it really can be. So it’s very advantageous, it’s a few hundred dollars, but a pressure washer company can come through, spray this, it rinses off the next day or rinses off in the rain and it completely clears this algae material that makes your roof look, I’m gonna say it, unsightly or old.

Also on the buyer side, this is something that is very common in our area. We live in a high humidity environment. I think that’s what creates some of this algae on the roof. It’s literally harmless, but it is unsightly, so it’s a very easy problem to remedy. So if you see it on a house, don’t think that it’s an objection or a negative thing, cuz it can very easily be cleared up.

We’ve got two great companies who do this pressure washing so if you need any names, numbers, please let us know. And, again, thank you for having us.

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