Hello and welcome, this is Nolan with DiscoverNChomes and Nolan’s News and today I wanted to talk about some of the key things you can do inside your house as a seller. This actually is feedback from a lot of buyers that we’ve talked to, and I’m gonna say the biggest bang for the buck or what to prioritize, what can enhance the inside of your home the most.

Number one it might be very obvious, but you know, we look at a lot of pictures and listings and see that folks don’t do this. It would be to declutter your home – less is more in this industry! Meaning, you might have this beautiful built in, like, I don’t know if you can see here, but I’ve got a built into the left of me. And if you have a million knick knacks on that built in, you can’t see the beauty of it or the beauty of the house.

So the first thing is: work with someone like me or a stager and come in and declutter that thing you want maybe five or six pieces on each shelf to enhance what you’re actually looking at. And that’s true to every place in the house: you want to depersonalize, take personal pictures down. Again, less is more because that buyers need to or want to envision themselves in your home.

The next thing is depersonalization. This is hard to say or hard to understand as a seller, but once your home goes on the market, it’s not your home anymore, it becomes a product. And I know that sounds cold, but you want buyers to really see themselves. So if you have 10 different pictures of the grandkids and eight different pictures of the family vacations, buyers are gonna tend to focus on that and then their focus is taken off of the home. So that stuff, unfortunately, when you go on the market, it needs to go. Because again, you want to create a nice neutral pallet for the buyer to see themselves in your home.

Those two things are completely free. I mean, that just takes some elbow grease and legwork, but that really does enhance – less is more – you want rooms to show larger. So those, those two things are free.

The last thing I would really recommend, especially if it’s never had one, is a paint job. Paint might, on a home between 1,800 and 2,500 heated square feet, it might be a few thousand dollars to do, but paint is your biggest bang for your buck. Paint can literally transform a home. And there again, you want one neutral color. If you have ten different colors in your house, get rid of them. Go one color throughout, make it nice and neutral. I know there’s a number of levels of grays right now that are very popular. Beige has always been at least nice and neutral, because you don’t want to distract buyers. And also, if you have scuff marks everywhere, things like that, it just really freshens the house up.

So I would say again, three things if I had to prioritize are:
– number one, less is more, declutter the house;
– number two, make sure it is depersonalized. Again, it’s not your home anymore, once you go on the market, it’s a product;
– and the third thing is paint.

This is really coming from buyer’s perspectives that we’ve talked to because they want to come in and see themselves in your home. So those three things really help. If you need any more information on this, please let me know, and we’ll talk to you soon.

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