Many visitors to our area may arrive bearing a license plate from the Garden State, the Birthplace of Aviation, or even the Sunshine State. But a growing real estate market for the 2021 season is made up of vacationers to Oak Island who arrive with no locale placard at all: the sea turtle.  I suppose if they did carry a registration tag on their hindquarters, perhaps their oceanic tagline might read “Swim Free or Die” or “Seaweed State” or “Atlantic is for Lovers.”

While the turtles have first dibs on oceanfront real estate, you can invest in the continued growth of the endangered population.  I think of it like a Habitat for Humanity for turtles.  Hmmm…..“Lodging for Loggerheads?” or “Turf for Turtles?” You can “adopt-a-nest” for $25.00 and receive an adoption certificate, a photo of your adoption sign at the nest, and an update of any nest activities.  Seems more down to earth than adopting a far away star.

For more information about Caswell Beach Turtle Watch, visit the website at

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