St. James, hello and welcome! This is Nolan with DiscoverNCHomes and Nolan’s News and as always, thank you for listening. I wanted to talk about a big topic, and that is membership going forward in 2023.

As many of you members and non-members may know, 2023 is a big year for Troon because they will have owned the clubs for five years and they had an agreement in place with the developer that they could not change any of the initiation fees for that time period. And there was a very big question – in 2023, now that the deal has come, if Troon was going to possibly change any of their fees.

I was able to get up with Chantel over at Membership – again, Becky Jones and Chantel, wonderful folks! – and she has actually sent me the 2023 dues fee schedules, but more importantly in the initiation fees, and I am very happy to say that they do not look like they will be changing the fees at all!

So it is still going to be a $25,000 buy-in, and this is just for the Signature level. So that as great news that hasn’t changed from 2022. If the membership that you’re purchasing on the subject property, if it’s inactive, it will still be a $5,000 I guess activation or penalty fee, which is also very nice because there was a lot of speculation that that might be increased to $10,000 and the application fee is still $500.

So, it makes me very happy. I think new folks coming in or folks who live in St. James who are looking to activate – good news for you because the structure will not be changing. However, like everything else in life, the monthly fees are gonna go up, about 9% across the board, just depending on what level of play you’re in, whether it’s the full golf level, the sports package or the social level. Those fees go up every year. But it looks like about a 9% increase there across the board.

But again, great news. I know it was a big question in the community: will Troon be changing the structure of membership and at least for the year of 2023, they will not be. Again, Chantel and Becky, a wealth of knowledge. So if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me, I can put you in touch with them, you can reach out to them directly, but all around great news. Thank you St. James. Talk to you soon.

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