Hello and welcome. This is Nolan Formalarie with DiscoverNChomes and Nolan’s News and I have a good friend here with me, Ron. Thank you for coming!

Happy to be here, Nolan.

Well, thank you. So, we’ve known each other about five years and it’s been a rocky five… No, I’m just kidding! It’s been a good five years! So we met about five years ago in St. James through a listing and from there we’ve done some transactions together. If you could, Ron, just take us through the story, if you don’t mind.

Well, we did meet through a listing and though that didn’t proceed to sale, we loved working with Nolan. He has been for us a marvelous support and informant and has facilitated the sale of a home and the purchase of another. We have worked with a number of realtors in our life, we’ve had more than the average number of real estate transactions since 1984, when we married. Please know that I’m a lifelong educator, school teacher, coach of nationally-ranked tennis players, executive coach, I’ve worked in a teaching hospital and I get a kick outta working with people who are competent, have integrity and desire to really serve other people and all of those traits Nolan you exemplify!

Well, I appreciate it. You’re making me blush a little bit, but thank you. I really appreciate it.

In a recent purchase here in St. James, we were sort of vacationing in Hilton Head and looking at the same time, both there and here. And we decided we wanted to come back to this area and Nolan facilitated our successful move and purchase here – long distance for a while. He looked at homes carrying his camera and explaining rooms and answering questions and it really facilitated our search because we were able to prioritize some homes we didn’t want to proceed with, it educated Nolan along the way, because he could see by the questions we asked the kind of house we were looking for, the quality that we insisted on and so forth. And so it basically got us where we are in a very difficult market. I was quite worried about finding a perfect home in this market and Nolan really helped us.

Well, we almost didn’t find the home, but we found at least a rental right away so you could get into it cause the market -gosh! – was moving so fast.

That was not trivial, within 24 hours of our return Paula saw a listing, called at 3:00 AM in the morning when it came online – Thank you for answering the phone! It wasn’t at 3:00 AM. but it was at 8:30 or something and we saw it at 9:30 and had an accepted offer by noon – something like that, it was quick! We love our home. And Nolan helped us with this purchase just as he did with the sale of our home, our previous home in Lockwood Folley. He manages details beautifully, from the negotiation process between the buyer and seller. Nolan has a tremendous stable of professionals who are likewise to your customer service expectations, that we used to identify issueswith the house we were purchasing, to resolve issues in our previous house. And we continue to use your skilled tradesmen and just everyone you introduced us to is just like you, they want to serve the customer, they want to do a great job at a reasonable price and we prize our relationship with you and all of your recommendations. Nolan has a whole toolkit of things that make him one of our very favorite at the top of our list realtors: he’s patient, he’s present, he’s a problem solver, he’s with you when you’re his client, he’s here to solve problems for you and to move things through to a successful transaction and Nolan does it in a way, in my experience, where you take care of both the buyer and the seller sometimes when even one may not be your client, you are, uh, devoted to the long term satisfaction of the parties involved. It’s rare. I – both Paula and I have prised integrity in our professional lives, as an educator and coach and change agent, Paula as the CEO of an ad agency, we built our careers on integrity. As you’ve planned and moved us through the process at every step you have shown you’re valuing of integrity and have not ever moved us over onto the thin ice of doing something that wasn’t right. And so I so appreciate you for helping us find a home that we love for helping us complete two transactions beautifully and you’re a rare combination.

Well, thank you, I appreciate it, Ron! Too many kind words, bt thank you!
If you guys have any questions, please let us know.


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