Hi there, John Dooley with the Dooley Group at Discover NC Homes. I just wanted to come and bring up a topic that we’ve been hearing about a lot lately. A lot of buyers out there asking the question, is this a good time to buy? What’s the market doing in Brunswick County?

So I just wanted to give you my opinion about what’s going on in the market and what we’re seeing around here as we look at things.

It is the holiday season here and so we are seeing a little bit of a slow down as people kind of get together with family and friends and don’t necessarily want people in their houses looking at their Christmas items and things like that and are taking a little bit of a break.

But simultaneously with that, if you are a buyer, we’re seeing a lot of price reductions trying to get home sales into that fourth quarter because it’s the end of the year. So they’re new construction prices. We’re seeing a lot of good deals, a lot of buyer incentives coming in.

And so if you’re in the market for a new home, it might be time to reach out and just see what’s going on in your favorite community down here. In addition to that, there’s plenty of sellers that are motivated right now. They are advertising that actively in their listings, looking for offers, looking for buyers.

So in Brunswick County a couple of years back it was more of a seller’s market where they came on and went off very quickly. We’re seeing things sit for a little bit more time, maybe 90 days on the market in a lot of cases, and a lot of people wanting offers. Bring all offers, we’re motivated!

So if you’re motivated to get down here feel free to reach out to us and we can do a search for you, set you up with an e alert, get you more information about the homes on the market and as they come onto the market.

Lots of good things going on down here. Brunswick County is the I think seventh largest county for growth by population in the country. So lots of people moving here, lots of opportunities, new construction building, everything like that down here.

Give us a call, (910) 250-8072. Touch base with us through our Facebook page, Facebook.com/OakIslandNCliving, or feel free to email us: info@OakIslandNCliving.com. Let us know what your questions are about the market and we will find the perfect house at the perfect time for you. Again, John Dooley with the Dually Group at Discover NC Homes. I will talk to you next time.

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