Hello and welcome. This is Nolan with DiscoverNCHomes and Nolan’s News. And as always, thank you for having me. I wanted to talk today about what sellers can do on the exterior of their homes to get ready to go on the market and why it’s so important for buyers to see these just few simple things that may cost some money, but I think it’s really a lot of bang for your buck, so to speak.

When someone comes to your home, the first impression of your home is the exterior. The first thing, which I think is pretty straightforward, is pressure washing. Right now in our area homes need to be pressure washed once a year. We usually do it after pollen season, so sometime in May, maybe beginning of June, but after pollen in season is over.

But this also includes the driveway. There are so many homes that I pull up to that the home looks beautiful, but the driveway has not been power washed for maybe five or six years, and it’s got this really brown kind of blackish look to it. So easy to have the pressure washer for maybe an extra $100 – $150 do the driveway. It just sparkles as part of the presentation. So first thing I would definitely recommend is a power washing of the exterior of the house.

Second thing is, and it’s hard to keep up with this time of the year, but it’s trimming of all the hedges and the bushes. Number one, I think it’s great appearance, number two, it shows that you really care about your house. This time of year, again, especially with something like loropetalum and where you can literally watch it grow, it’s hard to do this, but right before pictures, make sure you get a trim done of all the hedges in the house because it just, again, it really ties things nicely together.

So we’ve got the pressure washing, the hedges being trimmed, and lastly, I know it, it might cost some money, but fresh mulch goes a long way. Again, it really spruces things up when you have a nice bed of either pine straw or mulch just put out, at least in the front and the sides of the house because again, this is your buyer’s first impression of the home. And I think it also shows a buyer that you care about your property.

So just to recap simple things, but pressure washing, a good, good trim around all the hedges before you go on the market, and definitely, even if it’s just a first layer coat of mulch everywhere, I think it makes a huge difference.

If you need help with these vendors, I’d be more than happy to give you my recommendations. But just little things like this that, again, buyer’s first impression is gonna be big wow factor. So as always, thank you for having us. Just a little tidbit there and we’ll talk to you soon.

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