Hello and welcome. This is Nolan with Discover NC Homes and as always thank you for having us. I want to discuss closing dates in due diligence states in the contract. These are your two most important dates.

The due diligence state is when a buyer will get their inspections done, get their loan and obviously the closing date is when the buyer takes possession of the home. A few quick things here, but just easy to remember.

Closing date – do not schedule it on a weekend. Attorneys can’t close on a weekend, the county’s not open. So that’s an obvious one.

The due diligence state – try if you can not to schedule that on a weekend. Again, due diligence is when you, as a buyer are doing these items, you don’t want to get down to the wire and have to communicate to your broker or the seller that you want something done. We can be sometimes, as brokers, we’re out there showing and obviously folks are busy doing other things.

Same thing with holidays. As for closings, that’s an easy one. The County Courthouse is closed on holidays, so nothing can record. So that’s a simple one.

Due diligence state, really, again, it’s tough and it’s on a holiday. You don’t want to be on Easter or Thanksgiving and have to make your decision on if you’re going to do repairs or not.

So again, real simple: closing dates and due diligence – try not to make them on a holiday or a weekend. And as always thank you for having us and we’ll see you soon. Thank you so much.

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