Hello and welcome to another episode of Nolan’s News. I’m Nolan from DiscoverNCHomes, and today I have a fascinating story to share that many homeowners might find enlightening, especially those dealing with or worried about foundation issues.

In my near two decades in real estate, I encountered a unique situation with a home built on a crawl space—the front and back porches had noticeably sunk. This might sound like a significant and costly dilemma, but the resolution was simpler and more efficient than one could anticipate.

Here’s a breakdown of what happened: Typically, a slab should be poured over compactly filled dirt or gravel to ensure stability. However, over time, if less stable materials like organic matter or construction debris are buried beneath the slab, they can decompose, creating voids. These voids can cause the slab to sink, presenting a seemingly serious problem.

The remedy? Quite simple and innovative. Two foundation companies introduced me to a solution involving the injection of hydraulic foam through a series of strategically drilled holes across the slab. This method allows the foam to travel and fill these voids, effectively raising and stabilizing the concrete slab right before our eyes.

For example, a garage floor, which had sunk several inches, was lifted back to its original level within a few hours using this technique. It was astonishing to see the process in action—watching a significant drop rectified without the need for extensive and invasive construction.

Although these repairs are designed to last as long as the slab itself, the companies cannot offer a lifetime warranty due to potential unknown factors that could affect the slab in the future. Nevertheless, this solution provides a reliable and less disruptive alternative to traditional methods.

This experience was a reminder that even in real estate, innovative solutions are continually evolving to address problems efficiently. If you’re experiencing similar issues or have any concerns about your property, we at DiscoverNCHomes are here to help guide you through finding the right solutions with our trusted partners.

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