Hello and welcome. This is Nolan with Nolan’s News and DiscoverNChomes. Today I want to talk about the new million dollar market in St. James.

Actually we’re sitting here at 4475 Wild Ride Dr. Absolutely beautiful, high-end custom home, it has a nice farmhouse flare with the finishes and the décor. It is amazing in St. James!

Two years or maybe a year and a half ago, the only million dollar homes you would see had the intercoastal behind them. As of today, 4/19/2022, there are 13 total homes on the market. Out of that 13 homes, there are 6 that are listed $1 million plus. So that’s roughly half of our current active inventory in St. James is a million dollars or more. We have never experienced, at least with homes, this type of market before! It’s kind of crazy!

Out of the pending homes, there’s a number of pending homes in St. James, 10 of them – pending meaning under contract – are a million dollars or more! So this is something that’s happened over the last, I’d say 6, 8, 9 months. And again, we’ve kind of reached this new height in St. James.
What does that mean to you if you’re selling?. NOW is the time to do it. I’ll give a market update another video, but now is the time to sell. I think we’ll be in this good market, probably through the summer – fall and we’ll take a little dip.

I think if you want to absolutely maximize your resale value, look at today’s market. If you have any questions, if you want a market update, please give me a call. You guys know how to reach me and as always, thank you for having me, talk to you soon.

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