Welcome. This is Nolan with discover NC homes and Nolan’s news. And as always, thank you for having us. Today want to talk about virtual staging.

Virtual staging has become a thing in our real estate industry, at least over the last, I’d say two or three years. Here’s some facts: a staged home will sell for more money and we’ll have a lesser time on the market than an unstaged home. So you’re going to sell faster if you have furniture in your home. What do you do if you have moved all your furniture already and your home is vacant? That’s where we come in with virtual staging and we’ll take this little point right here and plug us in.

Our company does this in house. We have someone incredible who does it for us. We own our own program, and it is really something else. And if you want to just see some examples, please let us know, we’d love to share that with you.

So, what do you do if your home is vacant? one or two things: you can vignete-stage, which costs a lot of money. I’ve looked into it, there are no local folks here, or if they are there in Wilmington and there can be $3,000 to $5,000 a month just to get your master, your kitchen, your dining and your living room staged. And I don’t think that expenditure is worth it because I don’t think you’ll get the money back.

Or you can virtual stage. And again, we do that in house. Few things go into this: first off is you have to have a good photographer who knows exactly what angles of the room to take and the photography group that we work with, Natalie in particular, she’s fabulous at this. So once this is done, we take that photo and then we start to stage it. And it’s really simple. We pick from a number of different designs or what goes with the flow of your house, to what furniture we put in your house. If you have a more modern look, we’ll put more modern furniture. And if you have a laid back farmhouse look, we’ll go for that rustic appeal. The program has literally thousands and thousands of options that we use.

Another area where this has come in – virtual staging, very handy, is folks that have a furnished house but maybe their bonus room – and actually this is a good example – we actually did this in the house, the bonus room, which was very large, about 450 square feet was empty and a lot of buyers were coming back with feedback saying: “we don’t know what to do with this room.” So we took the picture, in-house we set up on one side a yoga/workout area. And on the other side an art studio. The room was large enough to incorporate the two different things and it helps people envision now, at least online, what you could do, what could be done with that room.

So, really easy: you take the picture, you have to have exactly the right angle, we do this in house and then we’ve gone a step further. With the certain homes that maybe, again, people can’t visualize, we’ve done a nice blow up print (I can’t remember the size) and we’ll put it on a tripod in the room so someone could at least, while they’re in the room, hopefully be helped to envision what that room can be used for. It’s something we do in here in the house, Discover NC Homes, for free, part of the listing.

As always thank you for having us. And if you have any further questions, let us know.

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