What are the predictions for the real estate market? Are buyers going to have a hard time getting mortgages or will FED rate get re-evaluated so that people can continue accessing mortgages? It may be hard to predict the real estate market but I have interviewed Mitch Ludwig with Coastline Mortgage and he shared with us his thoughts on what is going to happen and what you as a buyer or seller need to be doing.

Mitch has a passion for explaining the process of getting mortgages and all the figures that go into that process. In this interview, we’ll talk about what to expect from the upcoming changes in real estate market and how his company will help buyers and sellers move from one stage of the process to the next.

Mitch Ludwig
Senior Mortgage Consultant
Coastline Mortgage Consultants, LLC
215 Racine Dr. Ste. 105 Wilmington NC 28403
Cell Phone: 910-231-8044
Work Phone: 910-509-1561
Work Fax: 910-509-9712
Work Email: mitch@coastline-mortgage.com

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